With all that has been going on this year I have forgotten to slow down and celebrate in my heart what I am truly thankful for. In this moment I will take the time to count my blessings.

Sunsets. Yes so thankful for Sunsets
  1. For my family and friends who love and support me no matter how crazy the idea sounds in the moment. You deeply impact my life. You fight for our friendship when I have no fight in me.  You all bring brightness into my heart. Thank you.
  2. For the little surprises that get sent in the mail.
  3. For you who are reading these words now. Blogging has opened up something inside me I never dreamed of.
  4. For a job that is better than what I had ever hoped for myself.
  5. For the space heater that keeps me warm while it is frigid outside.
  6. For blueberries.
  7. For all the folks who helped me write my book. Still can’t believe it is real.
  8. For smiles that crinkle the eyes. They are a free gift that bring such joy.
  9. For time. This may seem cheesy but much of my life I have raced from one thing to the next. Right now I am thankful for the opportunity to slow down and really take the time for things that matter.
  10. For head rubs and deep tissue massages.
  11. For rainy days that fit my mood always!
  12. For hugs boy do they fill my heart up.
  13. For salsa with a side of chips. 😀
  14. For photography that moves my soul.
  15. For the ability to love.

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers. I pray that you are blessed this season by those who love you. (You can count me as one who loves you. XOXO)


Wanderlist USA Destinations


Take only photos, make many memories


  1. Alaska this is a most do with my mom. I have no idea why we decided we needed to go together but we did. A cruise might be nice 😉 Sitka is defiantly a stop I want to make.
  2. New England in the Fall, to mosey along back roads stopping where I please to shoot the beautiful colors!
  3. Yosemite California, my grandpa took a ton of cool shots and I want to follow in his footsteps
  4. Garden of the Gods Colorado, again strong desire to follow in my grandpa’s footsteps. Someday hoping to be able to post some of his photos in a book form for you to see.
  5. Maui my friend Inna @Einna3 on Instagram visit there often and the photos my gosh so pretty. (you really should just check out her Instagram page always awesome and travel filled!)
  6. Wisconsin to be precise I must go to Green Bay and watch the Packers! GO PACK GO
  7. New Orleans, I just want to see what all the hype is about.
  8. New York It seems like it would be a very interesting place to people watch.
  9. Maine William Tasker  has some of the most beautiful photos from there
  10. Tennessee This is the last place my grandfather lived. Clearly he inspires a lot of my photography dreams.
  • Bonus Destinations

Virgina to visit Arleen. Her shots of Virginia are stunning check out her wonderful photos here.

Thanks for dreaming with me today friends. What is your list of USA Destinations.

Wanderlist Overseas Destinations



  1. Philippines- Chocolate Hills and of course the beach
  2. New Zealand- Huge Lord of the Rings fan. I really want to go to Hobbiton. Looks like a beautiful country and I would love to photograph it
  3. Israel- many different sights but I really want to see the Dead Sea
  4. Croatia to see the Sea Organ. I mean my word what a creative way to make music!
  5. Tasmania my friend Rebecca @Studiodebrey on Instagram has the most amazing photos there!
  6. Iceland oh to explore the rugged and vast countryside. I have had several friends go and everytime I see photos I melt. Such a stunning landscape. I must go during the northern lights season. #Dream
  7. London England (my 6-hour layover sleeping and drooling in the airport does not count.) I want to walk the Tower Bridge and attempt to conquer my fear of hights by riding in the Eye of London
  8. Australia The Ten Apostles look incredible. Plus, it would be fun to see the opera house
  9. China- I would love to see the Great Wall I know I know kinda a duh thing to see. I would also really like to go to Marias Big House of Hope to love on some kiddos.
  10. This is kind of a cheat I really need to go back to Italy. Yes, I have been twice but I need to go see Cinque Terre in real life. The photos look exquisite. I still can’t believe I missed going there twice.
  • Bonus country
  • Scotland I mainly want to go to Scotland because it seems that much of my family history resides here. I have not done much research into it but I have heard from my folks and my Uncle that this is the case. In away it is looking to see where I have come from.

Now for the fun part Lovelies what is your top 10 list of overseas destinations you want to visit?