Due to the Holidays and my newish job I have decided to take a break on the blog front for a while. Not sure when I will be back but I do know I will be at some point. You can always keep up with me on Instagram I wish you the very Merriest of Christmases and a Happy New Year.



Military Kid

Yep that’s me. My dad was in the Air Force. The military flagabovethearizonateaches you a lot of things. It gave me a deep appreciation of the sacrifice of those who serve. It taught me to respect the flag. I remember being a kid on base and everyone stopped at 5pm turned to where we all knew the flag was flying and saluted as the anthem played.

It taught me that change is a part of life. One of the biggest ways it brought change to my
life was as a kid I had moved to 6 different states by the time I was in fourth grade. That kind of moving around for adult or child becomes normal. (So normal that the other day when my brother counted out the moves he has taken he realized he has lived in 15 different houses in his life. Since I am older I added the 2 I lived in before he came a long and well 17 houses in nearly 34 years. That’s a lot.) Every two years or so I feel a need to move. A restlessness. Something that has deeply surprised me as I usually resist change with every fiber of my being.

Or so I have always thought. Yet recently I faced a big change. In June I quit my job with no job to replace it. It was for health reasons. Working nights was no longer something I could do. I had my back up savings (Thank you Mom and Dave Ramsey’s FPU, for teaching and showing me how important this is!) and leapt. Most people who I trust when I told where excited and supportive. There were a few though who were not. I was caught off guard by this. I thought it’s my life why are you reacting so negatively? Then it dawned on me it’s a deep caring for me along with fear.

While I am thankful for that deep caring, the fear I can do without. I am not afraid of change. (Just saying that seems odd to me but it is actually true) It brings new challenges, new opportunities. Like for me in this instance one of the big bonuses is that while in my night job I realized how much I liked writing and sharing. When I switched to a day schedule my thoughts became clearer and I realized how passionate I am about writing. I also have quite a bit of time that I can dedicate to writing in between job searching. (a photo of me.)

So thank you to the military for teaching me that change is something to be embraced and not feared. For showing me that somethings are worth sacrificing for. For the appreciation of those who fight for my safety so that I can actually take on the changes and challenges.

Election thoughts

img_20161102_173107Honestly I have debated with in myself quite a lot over the course of the last year as to whether or not I wanted to share my thoughts with you on the subject of politics (or religion). It can be such a heated topic for many, and I really don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Truth moment, I am scared to speak up. I have seen comment sections on both of these subjects and people are just mean in them. Actually most comment sections are mean. Which leads me to think when did disagreement with someone start to equal hate? I know this is a great generalization but from where I sit today that is what I see. I don’t like it. That said in the wake of what has transpired in the past few days I feel as though I must speak on several things.

Firstly I am incredibly disappointed with the news media. All my life I have felt that the news media was supposed to report the news in an unbiased way. To report the story as it unfolds. Not to insert themselves or their opinion into the story. If I am honest I highly doubt that they ever have in my life time. This makes me so sad. It means that much of what I think about an event or cute story is colored by what the reporter is saying or typing. It also means so much misinformation is out there therefore the truth can be hard to find.

Secondly I am beyond thankful that I living in a land of CHOICES. I had the gift of being able to vote for who ever I wanted to so long as that person was born in the USA. In fact you my dear friends had that choice as well.  The cool thing to me is that even though we may not have voted for the same person we had equal rights to choose who we voted for. I have friends on each party side. I have seen elation, fear, and dejection from my friends.

My favorite tweet from election night came from Kal Penn  he said: “Stop it w: the moving to Canada shit. Double down on the country we love. If Trump becomes president, we have to get MORE involved not less”

If I am honest I would have felt this statement would have been true if Clinton won. Don’t hate me but I have never loved following politics. Voting was just one of those things I did because I had the right. I never researched any part of the ballot. I went with what my family was doing cause I like them and felt like if that is what they chose it was good enough for me.

Not so anymore. I did not like any aspect of researching for this election. Like I said in the first point the news media made it very difficult for me to find the truth with out their views filtered in. This year I am proud to say I came to my conclusions before my family and I talked about it. I voted not for who I thought would win. Not for who I thought might be the least bad option but who I really felt might be great for our country. Who stands what what I stand for.

Which brings me to my next point, though we may not agree, we now must live with the  choice of our countrymen and women. We must come together on a local level. Have deep and meaningful conversations (that may not be politically correct) that allow us to open our eyes and hearts to the opposing opinion. We should consider the local portions of voting the up ballot. That is where we will see change start to happen.

Above all we must remember that those who do not agree with us are not the enemy. One of the things that has made me realize this was watching Madam Secretary. There you often see two people deeply disagree but still respect each other, and their point of view. It seems like in this day in age we often forget that behind the point of view be it democrat or republican, straight or gay, Star Trek or Star Wars, there is a person behind the opinion.

We need to go back to seeing underneath the opinion is an actual person. That the person is valid, and while yes I may disagree with this person there is still a ton of value they can add to my life. There are some incredibly brilliant creative thinkers and doers who are nothing like me. That is such a good thing. These are the people who help me see the world for all that it can be. Do I agree with everything they stand for heck no but that does not change the fact that the person in front of me or typing words on a page are any less valuable, nor does it make me any less. It just means that we are different. Let’s go back to valuing the differences in people, and lifting each other up.


FireIce Glassworks

So on one of my recent trips to Cannon Beach, Oregon, I stopped in at FireIce Glassworks. Oh my gosh you guys, what an experience. As some of you may know I grew up going to Cannon Beach about once a year. I believe that I had been in FireIce before but it has been years.

This past summer on the way back from visiting my grandpa for the last time before he passed away I stopped in Cannon Beach with my family to regroup and process all the emotions. This trip it became incredibly important to me to stop in.

Early in the trip I had a conversation with a dear friend about marriage. She is, I am not. I tend to romanticize marriage. Honestly one of the things I long for is to have a partner in life who is on my side at the end of the day. I know that there will be fights and times that I will not like the man… and times when he will not like me. I am not always sunshine and roses. (Shocking I know :))

How does that relate into glassblowing you might wonder. Well let me tell you when you get the chance to sit and watch glassblowing you see the love and passion poured out. You see that one wrong move can ruin a piece. You see that small corrections can make a big difference. You see that fire can create something you never expect.  

I had a blast sitting and watching (for over an hour) James Kingwell and his two partners, create a new piece. It ended up being a sort of platter or if you preferred a wall hanging. It was gorgeous. I could have sworn it was gonna be a vase but nope watching the edges flair out and flatten was a shock.   

The whole crew at FireIce Glassworks were very informative. They shared each step yet kept parts of the process a secret so that you would be surprised at the finished piece. It is well worth the time to sit and watch them work.

After watching, I spent the next 20 min or so debating about which piece I wanted to purchase.

It now sits proudly on my desk as a reminder that good things take time and often are tested by fire. Side note, the family went back later in the day and my parents ended up purchasing a vase.

The next day my parents and I snuck back in and purchased a piece to surprise my brother with. He had picked it out the day before and decided that timing was not right for him to purchase it. We were going to wait till Christmas to give it to him but could not wait. We got part way home,  pulled over and gave it to him. I think his too sits proudly on his desk!

So there you have it friends, when you go to Cannon Beach go and I mean go to FireIce Glassworks.

(I am not associated with FireIce Glassworks in any way. I just think they are worth a visit and I for one can’t wait to go back.)

Thanks for journeying through my memories of Cannon Beach with me this month!

New Beginnings

Hello my friends. I thought that starting a blog would be the perfect way to start year 34 of my life. Such an interesting time in life. I never thought I would be one to write. I grew up in a family of writers. My dad has 2/3rds of a masters in English. (He sometimes talks about going back to school and finishing it.) My brother oh man alive can he write. He has been working on a sci-fi trilogy. Oh you guys when he finally completes it no one is gonna wanna read my stuff. It is so good. Every now and again he reads me bits and its fantastic!

I tried blogging years ago and lasted about a year. It was mostly about what I was thinking and feeling in the moment. Not really quite sure why I quit, but I am ready to start again! So bear with me.  I know my grammar, sentence structure, spelling and punctuation is atrocious. But I ain’t gonna let that stop me from having fun with writing and storytelling.

What really got me going on writing is last year in November, I started writing Your Invitation to Paris. The short book just poured out of me. I could not get my fingers to type fast enough. It made me fall in love with writing. Cut to February, and a lot of unexpected help from family and friends on a website now gone (Tsu.co) and I had a self-published book on Amazon.com. What a treat!your-invitation-to-paris2

Massive thank you to Fabian Gustavo for taking my cover photo and making
it actually look like a book. I also need to say thank you again to Ben Bartle and William Tasker for editing. Also to Matthias Hauser for giving me some tips with photos. To my parents, who did not laugh at me when I said I want to write a book. You guys really are so awesome!

My hope is that as we travel through this journey together there will be deep meaningful conversations, a ton of fun and joy. That you learn from me and I learn from you.

Till next time…