Hi everybody! I’m Renee, and I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to you. In the last few years, I’ve realized how important travel, photography, and telling stories are to me. I’ve wanted to share the beauty that I find in the world for a long time. I’ve tried without success to do that through photography alone, but the desire to share is still there. Recently, this got me thinking: what do I like about photography? The phrase, “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” says it best. I love photography because of the stories each photo tells.

I’ve never been much of a writer, but I got excited over the idea of telling the stories of my photos. That’s how my book, “Your Invitation to Paris” came about. As I was putting my photos together I realized how much I actually like to talk, and tell stories, and express what I was thinking or feeling when I took a photo, or when I was in the moment and didn’t take a photo. For me, becoming an author was really supposed to be a way to introduce my photos to you.

I told myself when I published the book that if I sold just one copy I would be a success. Clearly I set the bar low for myself. I just didn’t know what to expect. It’s been a new venture which is exciting and scary and worth striving for. I’m glad to have been on this ride because it’s opened up a whole new avenue of dreaming that I didn’t know I could shoot for.

I grew up in a family of writers, but I’ve never had much of a sense of grammar, spelling, or punctuation. But the meat of what I want to convey comes from me. I hope that as I continue to write books of my travels and experiences I’ll be able to touch you and your heart. That we’ll be able to travel the world and enter into each other’s life’s journey. And I feel like it’s important to share not just the fun experiences of travel and just sitting on the mountain tops but I think people need to know it’s ok to be low sometimes and that you’re not alone.

I know someday I’m going to write a book about concussions because I’ve had three and they’ve impacted my life greatly. I also have a dream project: my grandfather was a great photographer, and he took a lot of pictures. Someday, I would love to visit some of the most noteworthy places he went, and take my own photos, then put them in a book, side by side with his originals.