Military Kid

Yep that’s me. My dad was in the Air Force. The military flagabovethearizonateaches you a lot of things. It gave me a deep appreciation of the sacrifice of those who serve. It taught me to respect the flag. I remember being a kid on base and everyone stopped at 5pm turned to where we all knew the flag was flying and saluted as the anthem played.

It taught me that change is a part of life. One of the biggest ways it brought change to my
life was as a kid I had moved to 6 different states by the time I was in fourth grade. That kind of moving around for adult or child becomes normal. (So normal that the other day when my brother counted out the moves he has taken he realized he has lived in 15 different houses in his life. Since I am older I added the 2 I lived in before he came a long and well 17 houses in nearly 34 years. That’s a lot.) Every two years or so I feel a need to move. A restlessness. Something that has deeply surprised me as I usually resist change with every fiber of my being.

Or so I have always thought. Yet recently I faced a big change. In June I quit my job with no job to replace it. It was for health reasons. Working nights was no longer something I could do. I had my back up savings (Thank you Mom and Dave Ramsey’s FPU, for teaching and showing me how important this is!) and leapt. Most people who I trust when I told where excited and supportive. There were a few though who were not. I was caught off guard by this. I thought it’s my life why are you reacting so negatively? Then it dawned on me it’s a deep caring for me along with fear.

While I am thankful for that deep caring, the fear I can do without. I am not afraid of change. (Just saying that seems odd to me but it is actually true) It brings new challenges, new opportunities. Like for me in this instance one of the big bonuses is that while in my night job I realized how much I liked writing and sharing. When I switched to a day schedule my thoughts became clearer and I realized how passionate I am about writing. I also have quite a bit of time that I can dedicate to writing in between job searching. (a photo of me.)

So thank you to the military for teaching me that change is something to be embraced and not feared. For showing me that somethings are worth sacrificing for. For the appreciation of those who fight for my safety so that I can actually take on the changes and challenges.


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