Election thoughts

img_20161102_173107Honestly I have debated with in myself quite a lot over the course of the last year as to whether or not I wanted to share my thoughts with you on the subject of politics (or religion). It can be such a heated topic for many, and I really don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Truth moment, I am scared to speak up. I have seen comment sections on both of these subjects and people are just mean in them. Actually most comment sections are mean. Which leads me to think when did disagreement with someone start to equal hate? I know this is a great generalization but from where I sit today that is what I see. I don’t like it. That said in the wake of what has transpired in the past few days I feel as though I must speak on several things.

Firstly I am incredibly disappointed with the news media. All my life I have felt that the news media was supposed to report the news in an unbiased way. To report the story as it unfolds. Not to insert themselves or their opinion into the story. If I am honest I highly doubt that they ever have in my life time. This makes me so sad. It means that much of what I think about an event or cute story is colored by what the reporter is saying or typing. It also means so much misinformation is out there therefore the truth can be hard to find.

Secondly I am beyond thankful that I living in a land of CHOICES. I had the gift of being able to vote for who ever I wanted to so long as that person was born in the USA. In fact you my dear friends had that choice as well.  The cool thing to me is that even though we may not have voted for the same person we had equal rights to choose who we voted for. I have friends on each party side. I have seen elation, fear, and dejection from my friends.

My favorite tweet from election night came from Kal Penn  he said: “Stop it w: the moving to Canada shit. Double down on the country we love. If Trump becomes president, we have to get MORE involved not less”

If I am honest I would have felt this statement would have been true if Clinton won. Don’t hate me but I have never loved following politics. Voting was just one of those things I did because I had the right. I never researched any part of the ballot. I went with what my family was doing cause I like them and felt like if that is what they chose it was good enough for me.

Not so anymore. I did not like any aspect of researching for this election. Like I said in the first point the news media made it very difficult for me to find the truth with out their views filtered in. This year I am proud to say I came to my conclusions before my family and I talked about it. I voted not for who I thought would win. Not for who I thought might be the least bad option but who I really felt might be great for our country. Who stands what what I stand for.

Which brings me to my next point, though we may not agree, we now must live with the  choice of our countrymen and women. We must come together on a local level. Have deep and meaningful conversations (that may not be politically correct) that allow us to open our eyes and hearts to the opposing opinion. We should consider the local portions of voting the up ballot. That is where we will see change start to happen.

Above all we must remember that those who do not agree with us are not the enemy. One of the things that has made me realize this was watching Madam Secretary. There you often see two people deeply disagree but still respect each other, and their point of view. It seems like in this day in age we often forget that behind the point of view be it democrat or republican, straight or gay, Star Trek or Star Wars, there is a person behind the opinion.

We need to go back to seeing underneath the opinion is an actual person. That the person is valid, and while yes I may disagree with this person there is still a ton of value they can add to my life. There are some incredibly brilliant creative thinkers and doers who are nothing like me. That is such a good thing. These are the people who help me see the world for all that it can be. Do I agree with everything they stand for heck no but that does not change the fact that the person in front of me or typing words on a page are any less valuable, nor does it make me any less. It just means that we are different. Let’s go back to valuing the differences in people, and lifting each other up.



6 thoughts on “Election thoughts

  1. I absolutely agree with you Renee! Well thought out and well written. Everyone deserves an opinion without fear and without bullying. I think this was probably the most important election in our lifetime, one maybe for a century and we witnessed the nonsense that will be our in the history books. Now if only they did away with the electoral college so that the votes of the people actually put the person they voted for in office. I have never understood that electoral college at all.
    I used to vote the most popular people the way my family or husband voted but that changed a few years ago when we started to get mail in ballots. Now I have the time to read every item on the ballot along with what they send in the mail that explains what voting yes or no will mean. The mailer also has a bio on the judges, etc. or I look online. When voting in person, I don’t feel like I have the time to do the work it takes like I can at home. I feel so much more informed voting by mail.


    1. Lolo thank you so much for your comments today. Actually I guess they were yesterday. In any case it means a lot to me that you feel this was written out well. It has been on my mind and heart for quite sometime and I am so thankful that you along with other friends have taken the time to speak to me about how you feel on this subject.
      The electoral college seems interesting and I don’t have a great understanding of it either, through from my reading at one point and perhaps even now it is a good thing. Time will tell.
      I love being able to do the mail in ballot. It does help just a ton being able to slow down and understand what you are voting one. Glad you are able to take the time to do so as well.

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