I just love Fall. I know that for the world fall officially starts here in the states late September. In my own head though fall starts late August. As soon as leaves start turning, I lift my head to the skies to watch the leaves fall gently to the ground.

I relish in the crisp air. I long for roaring fires and good books. The leaves seem to sing as they change from greens, to reds, yellows, pinks and golds. They float gently on the breeze saying their last goodbyes to summer. Such delight.

Say hello to Autumn with me!

Taking the long way home so I can see the colors! McCall Idaho
I just learned Cattails change color in the fall too! What a treat.


Which season calls to you?


4 thoughts on “Fall

  1. Oh, so many pretty photos!! Wish fall came to Arizona so early. It doesn’t really come here till November and we don’t get much in fall colors unless one drives north.
    Living here, I love all seasons but summer….. 😎


    1. Silly me… I don’t think I realized you are in Arizona. So close and yet so far. From what I hear you get it super hot in the summer. Not sure I would love that either.
      I promise I will keep putting up fall colors for ya. Though we are about done now. Just a few leaves hanging on for dear life. In the last 4 days it has gotten freakishly cold. This morning there was even a deep frost.

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