FireIce Glassworks

So on one of my recent trips to Cannon Beach, Oregon, I stopped in at FireIce Glassworks. Oh my gosh you guys, what an experience. As some of you may know I grew up going to Cannon Beach about once a year. I believe that I had been in FireIce before but it has been years.

This past summer on the way back from visiting my grandpa for the last time before he passed away I stopped in Cannon Beach with my family to regroup and process all the emotions. This trip it became incredibly important to me to stop in.

Early in the trip I had a conversation with a dear friend about marriage. She is, I am not. I tend to romanticize marriage. Honestly one of the things I long for is to have a partner in life who is on my side at the end of the day. I know that there will be fights and times that I will not like the man… and times when he will not like me. I am not always sunshine and roses. (Shocking I know :))

How does that relate into glassblowing you might wonder. Well let me tell you when you get the chance to sit and watch glassblowing you see the love and passion poured out. You see that one wrong move can ruin a piece. You see that small corrections can make a big difference. You see that fire can create something you never expect.  

I had a blast sitting and watching (for over an hour) James Kingwell and his two partners, create a new piece. It ended up being a sort of platter or if you preferred a wall hanging. It was gorgeous. I could have sworn it was gonna be a vase but nope watching the edges flair out and flatten was a shock.   

The whole crew at FireIce Glassworks were very informative. They shared each step yet kept parts of the process a secret so that you would be surprised at the finished piece. It is well worth the time to sit and watch them work.

After watching, I spent the next 20 min or so debating about which piece I wanted to purchase.

It now sits proudly on my desk as a reminder that good things take time and often are tested by fire. Side note, the family went back later in the day and my parents ended up purchasing a vase.

The next day my parents and I snuck back in and purchased a piece to surprise my brother with. He had picked it out the day before and decided that timing was not right for him to purchase it. We were going to wait till Christmas to give it to him but could not wait. We got part way home,  pulled over and gave it to him. I think his too sits proudly on his desk!

So there you have it friends, when you go to Cannon Beach go and I mean go to FireIce Glassworks.

(I am not associated with FireIce Glassworks in any way. I just think they are worth a visit and I for one can’t wait to go back.)

Thanks for journeying through my memories of Cannon Beach with me this month!


3 thoughts on “FireIce Glassworks

  1. Beautiful photos and videos! I love to watch glass blowers too, it sure makes you appreciate the items you purchase afterwards. My Aunt and Uncle took me to a glass blowing place in France, we were the only people there. It was fascinating and I’d love to learn this art. Too bad I was afraid to purchase what I wanted thinking it would get broken before I could get it back here.
    I think you picked the perfect piece! It’s gorgeous. So nice to have the memories when you look into the swirls of colors.


    1. It really does! As much as I would love to learn the art myself as well I honestly don’t think I would have the patience for it. I am glad you have sweet memories of your time in France watching glassblowing. It is hard to bring things back with out breaking them.
      I am glad you like my piece I really like it too! It holds a lot of significance for me. Thanks again for sharing this with your readers. It means a ton to me. I also want to let you know I have read your email, and am trying to get to the point where I can email you back. I love the deeper conversations we are having there. I am just short on time now that I have that new job! 🙂 Which I am still loving!

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