Sunset at Cannon Beach

I find few things more beautiful then a sunset. When you add the beach to it, it becomes my own little slice of paradise. With that said here is a small sampling of my own shots from Cannon Beach, Oregon and around the area!

View from my hotel room at Tolovana Inn
I spy with my little eye ❤


I could just sink into this view and stay here forever


I found gold
Photo courtesy of my Mom, Leah. One of my favorite people to shoot with. If you get the chance to see her work, jump at it. She is fantastic at macro


So with that I leave you today my friends. I hope you found a small bit of relaxation looking at these today. Let me know where your favorite beach is!


2 thoughts on “Sunset at Cannon Beach

    1. Thank you so much. Yes it is lovely that my mom and I share this passion. It allows us to connect more deeply I believe. She is much better than she thinks she is too. Ooooo you just gave me an idea of what to give her for Christmas!! Thank you so much. Anyhow I really am thankful you enjoy the naturalness of my photos. I really am not a fan of editing because I want to remember the beauty of the world as it was created not as I shade it.

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