Seaside Oregon

For me a trip to Cannon Beach is not complete with out a trip into Seaside. Mainly because Seaside has all these cute little touristy shops. I love strolling in and out of each store. Hoping to score some new treasure to add to my collection. Usually I walk way with no treasure except for the memories of walking around.

The Seaside Carousal Mall is always a fun stop. I love watching the carousal go round and round. Off to one side is a place where you can stamp coastal images into pennies. Such a silly little thing that brings me joy.

While there don’t miss the hat shop. So many different ones to try on. This last time I was there my favorite was the fish hat! Sadly I have not one photo of that but the memories will last a life time.

A cant miss is a walk down the promenade, over the bridge past the shops you will find a sweet little roundabout with a view of the ocean. As you stroll you can smell the sea breeze. It has such a calming affect on me. To feel the wind tugging at your hair as you take in the view is peaceful.

After a morning of window shopping and walking, nothing is better than stopping in at the Seaside Brewing Company. I love chowing down on their Jalapeno Burger. Since I avoid gluten, I have it with out the bun and oh yum. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. You should tell them I sent you. It wont help you at all though since they don’t know who I am 😉

I have been going through all my photos in an attempt to share just how lovely seaside is, only to find I am very lacking in the photo department here. So I hope that today you just enjoy these words!

Tell me some of your favorite spots in Seaside! If you have not been there where do you like to do some good touristy window shopping?



2 thoughts on “Seaside Oregon


    I’ve never been to the North West, I’d love to see it! My stomping ground was Ocean City, New Jersey. It’s a dry town and still is. You can’t buy or serve alcohol there so it is very family friendly. OC is an island, not all that wide, longer than wide, with a boardwalk about 2.5 miles long. There are shops along the boardwalk as well as amusement rides, places to eat, a music pier, so many fond memories are there for me.

    Mornings would be spent riding bikes or walking on the boardwalk. Around noon we would go to the beach till dinner time. After dinner, everyone went to the boardwalk! People would sit on benches and people watch. Kids went for the rides. Older people went to the music piers for concerts. It was so colorful and fun. Nobody worried about anything. As children we went by ourselves, it was a very safe place to be! We weren’t afraid to be walking alone, walking home from the boardwalk to the boarding house where we stayed.

    Our parents would give us a dime and all us kids could go to the penny candy store on the boardwalk, it sold old time penny candy. I could never decide what ten pieces to buy! That was the early to mid 70’s.

    There was a merry-go-round that we would ride and try to catch the golden ring! The man running the ride would push out an arm that help pewter colored ring and one gold ring. All the kids would ride the merry -go-round and stick there fingers out and grab at the rings, if you got that golden ring, you won a free ride ticket. The value was only 25 cents but it was fun!

    At night, high tide would come up under the boards and splash up between the boards. I love the sounds of the waves crashing, the sea gulls and the smells of the ocean. We would frequent the t-shirt shops all the time. The Farrah Faucet t-shirt with her in the red bathing suit was all the rage back then as well as Bo Derek in the movie 10. We ate pizza on the boardwalk by the slice for lunch. We would come up from the beach in our wet bathing suits, with sand. I all over, messy hair and flip flops, everyone did. Boy, how I wish I could just relive one of those weeks with my family.

    Thanks for bringing back all those memories! I don’t have photos either. My parents really didn’t take many.


    1. Wow I have never been to the East Coast yet walking through your memories I felt as though I was right there with you! Such fun. Thank you for taking me on that trip with you!! I am so glad that we can exchange memories here.


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