Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock is a childhood haunt of mine. I can picture it standing tall against the ocean. I can feel the waves crashing onto shore. They swallow my feet as I stand with my toes in the sand. I hear the cry of the seagull. I feel small against the vast ocean.

I love that feeling. So often I feel as though I am the center of the universe. I often want to be. It is great to be reminded of how that is not the case. How there is so much greater out in the world than me.

Clearly I love this photo as it was photo of the week recently. This is taken facing away from Haystack Rock.

I have been going to Cannon Beach, in Oregon ever since I can remember. It has become more and more popular. I always stay at Tolovona Inn (I am not in anyway associated with the Inn. I just love staying there.) I always hope for a top floor with an ocean view. Sometimes when I sit on the balcony I feel as though I have found a small slice of heaven.

View from my balcony. July 2016

You get a perfect view of Haystack Rock from Tolovana. It is a short walk from the hotel to Haystack. To catch that first sent of the salty sea oh my, waves of relaxation. Feeling the wind tease my hair, the sand between my toes is a lovely way to wind down and connect, to be.

When ever I am at the beach I always hear Zac Brown Band singing Toes in the water toes in the sand!

As I slowly approach Haystack rock I take a few snaps. I draw closer. It is delightful to play around the tide-pools at low tide. To see the sea anemone, barnacles, little crabs, jelly fish, and starfish. I get a thrill hunting for good photographs there. Sometimes it requires a bit of patience’s to get the shot that I want. It is great to slow down and capture moments.

Low tide (Photo taken in ’07)

Gone are my childhood days when you could climb part way up Haystack Rock and peer down into a tiny sheltered patch of sand that gets completely covered by high tide. My guess is if the tide got extremely low you could just walk out to it. In fact if you look at Google maps it does look as though you really could walk back there. In all my years of going I personally, have only seen that bit of earth by climbing.

Now though I don’t climb. There are signs and activists that come out at low tide, and signs saying not to climb, to help protect the ecosystem. (At this point in time it sounds as though the starfish really need the help. There is a virus sweeping the west coast killing all the star fish.) It is good they are there to educate. It is easy to get carried away in those moments of seeing nature up close.

And just like that I am transported.

Where are the places that captivate you, that get you carried away in the moment?




2 thoughts on “Haystack Rock


    Beautiful photos and wonderful memories. I haven’t been to my childhood beach since age 16. So many fond memories, aren’t there. Mine was the Jersey shore, no big rocks there other than the manmade jetties.


    1. Thanks. I cant imagine not being back since childhood. Some things certainly stick with you. What stands out in your memories about living there Lois? I have never been to the North East coast. I would imagine it is worth a visit.


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