Packers Vs 49ers

In one of the highlights of my life a year ago on October 4th my dear friend Inna took me to the Packers game as a birthday present. Now let me back up a tiny bit. Inna and I met well working in a call center for an Airline. She is such a fun person to travel with and I hope that once I am gainfully employed, that she and I will be able to take trips here and there. (If you want to hear more, you can read a bit about our Paris adventure here)

The story starts mid August 2015, Inna and I had gotten together to have some coffee as one does 🙂 She tells me she needs my help with my birthday present. Cut to me totally baffled. I could not figure out why she would need my help. Then she tells me she is taking me to a Packer game. It needs to be in a location that the airline she works for flies to and preferably something on the west coast so we could do it as a day trip.

I was stunned. I have been a die hard Packer fan for about 20 years, yet never been to a game. So that night I went home and looked at the schedule, ok in reality I studied it. Poured over what game would I want to go to. Lambeau was out of the question as there
was no way we could fly in and out in a day. I figured that an afternoon game would be the best bet for us that way we could get back home the same day. So I shoot her a text telling

Photo courtesy of Inna

her that the game against SFO on October 4th looks to be the game for us. She said happy birthday!!

On September 29, she sent me this screen shot:

I was at work, at the front desk no less and had to go into the back office so I could jump up and down and squeal like a little kid! To this day looking at that text gives me thrills!

Then the day came!! We hopped on the early flight out. We had a very deep conversation on the plane. It was such a perfect day for flying above the clouds. I loved taking the photos over Portland. The water was perfect.

Columbia River

When we landed in SFO we had a few hours to kill. Inna had thought ahead, she always does, and rented a car. So off we went for a quick stop at the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a lovely day. Slight breeze and no fog. Perfect!

My excitement was mounting as we left the Bridge I knew I was hours away from watching

Golden Gate Bridge

my beloved Packers play. First up though we had about an hour drive and we had to eat. We grabbed a quick bite at In and Out Burger. She loves it and I enjoyed it as well. I was very thankful they had a gluten free option! After we ate we walked to Levi stadium. When it came back into view I started squealing. (I am squealing inside just thinking about it now!) What a thrill. So many fans. The air was electric.

We showed our tickets and walked in. We missed a chuck of the first quarter. Trust me as badly as I did not want to miss kickoff food was much more important. I was watching the jumbo tron as we walked to our seats. I remember turning to Inna several times through out the day telling her I could now die (glad I didn’t!). I was so happy. LOL.

We made it to our seats. So much yelling and screaming on my part. Inna bless her heart does not watch much football and from time to time asked me what was going on. I loved sharing the moment with her.

Some of my most vivid memories are: 1. thinking how I was in the same place at the same time as Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and Randell Cobb. I was tickled pink to be watching them live! 2. I remember watching the Pack score and jumping up and down throwing my hands up into the air and hitting the lady behind me. Oh boy did I feel bad but thankfully she was a Packer fan and I am pretty sure she was nearly as excited with them scoring as I was!! 3. It was roasting hot. I mean sweat through my jeans hot. I demolished 2 bottles of water while we were there. Every moment was beyond what I had dreamed!

Best part is we walked out of there with a WIN!!!

Happy Faces!!

Then back to the airport we raced. I nearly made a huge mistake. I accidentally left my purse in the car. I needed my id to get through security. Thankfully right before we got on the BART to head to the terminal I realized my purse was in the car. Crisis averted. We made the flight. We had hoped to make it to the non-stop back home but missed it so we took one up to Seattle.

We over-nighted in the airport. That was an interesting experience to say the least. It was kinda fun though. I was so tired I was able to catch a bit of a nap on a row of chairs. Inna was kind enough to capture my happy exhaustion (but you don’t get THAT picture 😛 ). She actually documented much of my joy. Definitely a birthday to remember!!

I now feel 1 stadium down 31 to go! Where are your favorite stadiums and what are your memories to go along with them?


2 thoughts on “Packers Vs 49ers

    1. Yes she is very thoughtful! She has changed the way I think about giving gifts in general. When birthdays or Christmas came around I would spend some time thinking about it. Not anymore now I think and plan all year what to do for the people I care abour


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