Wanderlist Overseas Destinations



  1. Philippines- Chocolate Hills and of course the beach
  2. New Zealand- Huge Lord of the Rings fan. I really want to go to Hobbiton. Looks like a beautiful country and I would love to photograph it
  3. Israel- many different sights but I really want to see the Dead Sea
  4. Croatia to see the Sea Organ. I mean my word what a creative way to make music!
  5. Tasmania my friend Rebecca @Studiodebrey on Instagram has the most amazing photos there!
  6. Iceland oh to explore the rugged and vast countryside. I have had several friends go and everytime I see photos I melt. Such a stunning landscape. I must go during the northern lights season. #Dream
  7. London England (my 6-hour layover sleeping and drooling in the airport does not count.) I want to walk the Tower Bridge and attempt to conquer my fear of hights by riding in the Eye of London
  8. Australia The Ten Apostles look incredible. Plus, it would be fun to see the opera house
  9. China- I would love to see the Great Wall I know I know kinda a duh thing to see. I would also really like to go to Marias Big House of Hope to love on some kiddos.
  10. This is kind of a cheat I really need to go back to Italy. Yes, I have been twice but I need to go see Cinque Terre in real life. The photos look exquisite. I still can’t believe I missed going there twice.
  • Bonus country
  • Scotland I mainly want to go to Scotland because it seems that much of my family history resides here. I have not done much research into it but I have heard from my folks and my Uncle that this is the case. In away it is looking to see where I have come from.

Now for the fun part Lovelies what is your top 10 list of overseas destinations you want to visit?


2 thoughts on “Wanderlist Overseas Destinations


    I would suggest trying to do some family tree research before heading to Scotland! It would be a shame to go and miss the places your family once lived. I have been doing my own family tree/history going on 40 years and now have found a cousin in Germany. She has taken photos of areas for me that still look exactly as they did hundreds of years ago. I wish I could find Irish and Scottish cousins to do the same. So, if you could research first, then plan your trip!

    I love the information on your about page about taking photos side by side compared to your grandfather’s! I think another book would be in order for that.

    If I coukd travel, here would be where I would go: 1. Kornwestheim & Dornhan Germany to see where some of my ancestors lived, mostly Kornwestheim. 2. Ireland – Londerderry, Antrim, Strabane, Derry, County Tyrone to try to find ancestral areas. 3.Scandinavia as I’m 1/3 Scandinavian but have no family tree info as it’s so far back, over 500 years back! 4. Iceland, I think we should ask Matthias to meet us there and be our tour guide! 5. Austria, my Aunt & Uncle were missionaries for about 50 years and traveled the world. I asked them where was the most beautiful place? Their answer was Austria. 6. England, I would like to see England, the old castles and beautiful countryside. 7. Back to France, there are things I mised and things I’d like to see again. I went in 1988 and many things were closed for renovations due to that summer being the anniversary of the revolution. 8.Alaska, one of the most beautiful states I think the US has to offer! 9. Canada, specifically Calgary to see the glaciers. An old friend came back with the most amazing photos. 10. Greenland looks to be as gorgeous as Iceland, maybe a twofer trip?


    1. Yes I plan on doing some research. I have an uncle who is very into family tree research. It started out I believe as a way to connect with the Hawaiian roots we have in our family, though I am not sure. Last time he was talking about it to some of the family I was chatting with my Auntie. If I have heard correctly he has traced the tree quite far back, he has even started doing my mothers side. (what a guy!)
      I love your list!! Thank you for sharing it with me. I really adore the fact that you want to connect with your family roots. I think we need to know where we came from and perhaps add some of the very old family traditions back into our lives.
      Yes Matthias should be our tour guide. That would be such a blast in Iceland! I really would love to go on the ring road , road trip. I have been following @TheBlondeAbroad as she is taking that trip now and it looks super cool.
      Alaska is on my list. In fact you would think having worked for Alaska Airlines I would have made it up there but nope I totally messed up on that one:)


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