New Beginnings

Hello my friends. I thought that starting a blog would be the perfect way to start year 34 of my life. Such an interesting time in life. I never thought I would be one to write. I grew up in a family of writers. My dad has 2/3rds of a masters in English. (He sometimes talks about going back to school and finishing it.) My brother oh man alive can he write. He has been working on a sci-fi trilogy. Oh you guys when he finally completes it no one is gonna wanna read my stuff. It is so good. Every now and again he reads me bits and its fantastic!

I tried blogging years ago and lasted about a year. It was mostly about what I was thinking and feeling in the moment. Not really quite sure why I quit, but I am ready to start again! So bear with me.  I know my grammar, sentence structure, spelling and punctuation is atrocious. But I ain’t gonna let that stop me from having fun with writing and storytelling.

What really got me going on writing is last year in November, I started writing Your Invitation to Paris. The short book just poured out of me. I could not get my fingers to type fast enough. It made me fall in love with writing. Cut to February, and a lot of unexpected help from family and friends on a website now gone ( and I had a self-published book on What a treat!your-invitation-to-paris2

Massive thank you to Fabian Gustavo for taking my cover photo and making
it actually look like a book. I also need to say thank you again to Ben Bartle and William Tasker for editing. Also to Matthias Hauser for giving me some tips with photos. To my parents, who did not laugh at me when I said I want to write a book. You guys really are so awesome!

My hope is that as we travel through this journey together there will be deep meaningful conversations, a ton of fun and joy. That you learn from me and I learn from you.

Till next time…


2 thoughts on “New Beginnings


    I had no idea that Fabian and Matthias had helped you with your book, how nice of them! I hope it is still selling well. I hope some day to publish a photo book for Kindle myself.

    I think your writing is great. I destested English and writing in school, I was always a visual person. Not until recent years have I even found the joy of reading books.


    1. Lois thank you so much for telling me you enjoy my writing. Such an encouragement today!
      Fabian surprised me with the lovely cover. It was so kind of him to take the time out of his day to make it for me.
      Matthias was the first person outside of my family to give me feed back on the book and was beyond encouraging. He also saved me from publishing photos of buildings and the Eiffel Tower at night that could have gotten me into trouble. Apparently there are some interesting copy-write laws attached to some places.
      What kind of photos are you looking to put in your book? I think it is a great idea! Photos often tell some amazing stories. Words cant always capture the depth of emotion that a photograph can.
      As far as publishing a Kindle book it is far easier than one would think. Honestly, the hard part is marketing. My book did better than I expected. I honestly thought if I sold only one book it would be a success and well it is in my eyes! Sales have tapered off massively though. I am just grateful for the experience of getting out of my comfort zone and doing it.


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